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Red Bull & Nafi Thiam

Branding and project management

It all started with an Instagram story posted by Nafi Thiam while doing her gym. When Red Bull saw it, the idea came up to give her athlete some extra wiiings and completely refurbish both the place and the equipment. Get in oversaw the whole process: transformation of the gym, content production and share of the project with the media.


Crelan Opération Pièces Rouges

Creative concept and content production

Crelan is a proud sponsor of the Borlées. Together, they support the Télévie through the Opération Pièces Rouges. Get in developed the creative concept and the agency was responsible for the content production to promote the project through social media and their bank agencies network.


Seppe Smits

Athlete management and sponsoring

Get in created the link between Seppe and ŠKODA Belgium as a brand ambassador. The agency partnered with Montagne-en-Scène and 100% Snow magazine to connect with these targeted communities. The campaign showed why ŠKODA is Seppe’s perfect travel companion and how they can move mountains together.

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Martin Maes

Creative Concept and content production

Today, technology – and drones in particular – allows to produce high-quality content and follow the performances of extreme sportsmen and women in action very closely. Martin Maes, our mountain biker and enduro world vice-champion, wanted to challenge a race drone and see if this remote-controlled device could follow him throughout one of his training courses! He literally did the Race Against The Machine. Get in took care of the creative concept, managed the content production and made sure the result was widely spread.



Sport sponsoring and content production

VLAM is amongst the partners of the Borlées and they take care of them by providing the best local products for their food. Get in was selected to produce some video content, starring the Borlées and combining both fun & facts, to explain how beef can support these athletes while also being something nice to share around the table.


Armand Marchant

Athlete management and sponsoring

Armand Marchant is a real unconventional athlete. While he was one of the most promising ski talent, Armand crashed during the Giant Slalom of Adelboden in 2017. It took him not less than 7 surgeries and 22 months of physical reeducation, but he made it.

 And he’s back. Get in is proud to have helped Armand with some photo shoots and a brand-new presentation brochure. We support Armand’s sponsors by giving them the right content and storytelling to make the best out of their partnership with the athlete.


Discar MINI Trip

Creative concept and brand activation

MINI Belux challenged its different resellers to design an out-of-the-box MINI Countryman, together with a creative and promotional concept. To do so, Discar MINI teamed up with Get in. We simply put a tent on the roof of the MINI… and we decided to rent it through Airbnb!

The concept attracted so much attention that we could take advantage of a massive press coverage. Small contests were also organized to let people experience the Discar MINI Trip and share their feelings through social media.


Maxime Richard

Athlete management and sponsoring

Get in found the right fit between the legendary Ducati Scrambler and kayak world champion Maxime Richard. The brand elected the Red Bull athlete as an ambassador in order to embody the values of freedom and performance of the Scrambler. For Ducati, Max does a lot of proactive content production and he attends different resellers or public events throughout the year. The rest of the time, he is busy training or riding his own Scrambler.


Grand Départ du Tour de France 2019

Brand activation and sponsors management

Get in was chosen by Brussels Major Events to run the commercial deals for the highly anticipated Grand Départ du Tour de France 2019 in Brussels. 

Our role was to offer the best of class solutions to already existing and new partners of Amaury Sport Organisation to make that great event a unique opportunity of sponsorship and brand activation.


AG Real Estate

Creative concept and field execution

Get in is the lead agency of the Galeries St Lambert in Liège, which is a part of AG real Estate. Just after the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, the goal was to launch a new campaign to make some local highlights. And the Talents de Ouf(ti!) project was born. 

Different empty spaces of the shopping center were fully wrapped or dedicated to a selection of talents from: sports, music, fashion and art. The local webzine Boulettes Magazine was also involved into the whole process to ensure the storytelling and press coverage.


Shock Absorber

Sports marketing

Shock Absorber is the leading brand of sports bra in the USA and the UK. Shock Absorber needed an extra push to meet its market in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

Get in made some strategical sponsoring actions on sports and leisure events, brought Shock Absorber into a wide range of running stores, supported the brand within some trade fairs, branding material, photo shoots and social media management.


ŠKODA Little Mecano

Creative concept and brand activation

For Ypres Rally 2019, Get in suggested to ŠKODA Belgium to highlight the work of the team and the mechanics. 

To do so, we created a brand activation campaign to find the “crackerjack of the car jack” and offer that kid a once in a lifetime experience as a very privileged guest within the ŠKODA Motorsport Belgian Team.

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